The story behind 'Happy Days'

Do you remember how much fun it was running with an unruly joy through the puddles? Can you still hear yourself laughing while chasing a neighbour’s cat? Do you recall how much you loved the cinnamon smell in your grandmother’s kitchen? These are the simple pleasures of childhood we, adults, tend to forget. 

With CarlijnQ AW20 collection, we decided to go back to when the days were unworried and filled with adventures.

Welcome to the ‘Happy Days’!

This collection is inspired by a farm seen through the eyes of a child. Here you will not find a dull moment. Featuring earthy tones (caramel brown, moss green, cranberry red, pumpkin orange) and signature playful prints, the collection is an epitome of a fun day on a farm. And our easy-on silhouettes and buttery soft fabrics ensure the comfort of your child. This season, our prints were inspired by what catches a kid’s eye – cats and dogs running freely through the farm, tractors, a clumsy goose, old-fashioned cinnamon candies wrapped in striped paper. With CarlijnQ’s prints, we sincerely hope to enhance your child’s real-life and imaginative adventures.

Each season with a new collection, we tell stories inspired by children, their parents, and everything else in between. But no matter the season, one core believe always stays true to the heart of the brand – at CarlijnQ we adhere to fair trade principles. Most of our garments are made from GOTS certified organic materials with no hazardous chemicals used. Furthermore, it is highly important to us that our clothing is produced at the factories that ensure respect for the environment and good working conditions for their workers. Therefore, we are certain to offer our customers ethically and sustainably made garments. CarlijnQ products embody the everyday clothing essentials that are stylish, fun, and sustainably manufactured.

Whether it’s a pair of checked pants to roam on an old farm or a cute dress in a candy print for a family celebration, with CarlijnQ’s products, we hope to provide comfortable clothing meant to bring joy and make childhood memories brighter.