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CQ & Evelien

12 Jul 2021

CQ & Evelien

Hi there, my name is Evelien. Since October 2020, I daily commute by train from Breda to Rotterdam to work at the CarlijnQ's head-office as an International Sales Assistant.

I tremendously enjoy working at CarlijnQ and supporting the brand in its growth. From the local Dutch boutiques to huge shopping malls in Japan and stores in New York and Barcelona, CarlijnQ's products can be found worldwide (and we are not planning to stop!)

Supporting the brand

I truly love the dynamics of my job - the variety of daily tasks, the busy 'peak' periods around the launch and sale of the collections, and the continuous switching in communication between the different companies both within and outside the Netherlands. As soon as the (COVID-19) restrictions allow it, I'll be heading to international fashion fairs. And, of course, I'll plan a few holidays around the fairs' dates.

I love adventures

I love adventures under the 'foreign' sun! I can't wait to go to a far-away place and explore that tropical country and enjoy the feeling of the warm sand under my feet. Until then, I spend my time in the Dutch parks and nature parks having beautiful long walks ...

Join me for a cup of coffee

In the evenings, you can find me illustrating, reading, and having a drink with a friend. My perfect night? A cozy table, a glass of wine, awesome people around, and good music – give me that, and I won't get out of my seat. Although, I will stand up for a night of dancing in front of the stage at a concert!

Come over, join me for a cup of coffee and check CarlijnQ's latest collection.

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